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Halibut Point Fire Control Tower

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  • Halibut-pt-southwesterly
    Photo looks southwesterly at tower and cottage. Extreme left-hand portion of cottage has been added since WW2. (PG 2009)
  • Halibut-pt-easterly
    This photo more clearly shows the "fake" spire on top of the tower, added as wartime camouflage. The addition to the rear was added after WW2 and now houses administration space and restrooms for museum and visitor's center of State Park. (PG 2009)
  • Top-level-view-NW
    The view looks out northerly from the top observation level of the tower. The anti-aircraft observation station was located atop the roof, a bit higher. (PG 2009)
  • Halibut Tower W-SAGE
    During the mid-1950s, Halibut Point was used as a radar site for development of the SAGE air defense system, developed by MITRE Corp. (formerly MIT's Lincoln Labs). (Photo courtesy of Halibut Point Museum archives)
  • Halibut SAGE-1
    The tall radar tower built for SAGE system tests in the mid 1950s appears to be over 400 ft. tall, dwarfing the Halibut Point fire control tower itself. (Photo courtesy of of Haliut Point Museum arechives)
  • SAGE Cape Cod System
    This system of multiple radar emplacements and computing centers was established in the mid 1950s to test development of MITRE Corporation's SAGE air defense system. (MITRE corp.)