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Coast Defense in Masachusetts

In the 19th Century, Massachusetts, because of its strategic position (close to England by sea and to Canada by march, and later by rail) and due to its importance as a commercial center, was given top priority by the U.S. government for the construction of coast defense assets. Along with New York and San Francisco, Boston's harbor was was at the top of the list for funds under the early Endicott program inf the 1890s, and it continued to be well-armed up through WW2.

Massachusetts eventually had two harbor defense systems: Boston and New Bedford. This website, however, does not deal with the defenses of New Bedford.

The sub-menus of the Massachusetts menu describe many of the sites in the state, starting with the named forts, and moving on to some of the areas and towns which were sites for outlying gun batteries, fire control structures, submarine defenses, or radars. Except for occasional details however, little mention is made of Boston's anti-aircraft defenses.

Massachusetts Sites

Massachusetts has literally hundreds of coast defense sites. A wide selection of these is included in these pages, but some sites are not described here.